The Referral Program lets you refer friends and earn points which can be redeemed at the Store via coupon codes.
It’s an exciting opportunity for you to earn cash by referring us to your friends. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your efforts in bringing more users to Print MY Fashion!

So when anyone makes a purchases on Print My Fashion using your Referral link, you get 50₹ coupon code.
It’s that simple 🙂

If you’re an existing user,

Sign in to My Accounts and right on your Dashboard you’ll see your unique referral link. Copy the link and share away!

If you’re not a user,

You can first sign up and then follow the steps above.

No need to enter a code! Your referral link magically associates your referrals with you. Make sure your friends sign up by clicking your link and not by registering directly on our homepage.

Through your My Account Page Dashboard.

A referral is any brand new subscriber to Print My Fashion that signs up using a referral link. Anyone with an email address that is not, or has not, purchased with us.

As elaborated above.

Get 1 point for every 10₹ you spend in our Store.

10 points are worth 1₹.

Invite a new friend and get 50₹ coupon code when they complete a purchase.

Then your Friend invites his friends and he gets a 50₹ coupon code .

*Applicable on minimum purchase of 999₹